Master Chef – down to Christine and Josh


What another upset. Becky is out. The pressure must be overwhelming for Becky to mess up with the choice of what to cook for the mystery challenge. Especially when they were given free rein in terms of what ingredients to cook. Serves me right for posting before the show and stating that she might win.

It is down to Josh and Christine. As I’ve said in the previous post I am ok with any of the three (now two) finalist winning the title. They both deserve it and have what it takes.

Josh is the more technical cook and willing to take risks even push himself. It was quite a shock when he got eliminated a few weeks back because of a raw boiled egg. Fortunately for him, he got back in when past contestants who got eliminated were given a chance to win a spot for the final six.

Christine is the more intuitive cook. She can’t see, but she probably has an amazing palate to be able to come up with dishes that Gordon Ramsay have repeatedly called delicious. I get the sense though that Joe is partial towards Josh than Christine. So it feels like she needs to work doubly hard to impress Joe.

So who will win Master Chef? I won’t call it this time. Suffice it to say that your guess is as good as mine.

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