Christine is the Master Chef

Master Chef logoThe 2nd part of the two-part finale of Master Chef Season 3 concluded 40 minutes ago with Christine winning the title. I think Josh should have won. He was consistent in pushing the boundaries and challenging himself. He had more complex dishes all the way up to the finale, while Christine played it safe. The comments of the Chef-Judges are misleading. Joe praised Josh’s lamb dish to high heavens calling him a maestro. Gordon even called out Christine for the simpleness of her dishes. But she won.

Josh’s downfall were the undercooked lobster and the greasy pecan pie with bacon. Christine’s play safe attitude won the day for her as she relied on dishes that she grew up with. To be honest, playing it safe does not sound like being a master chef to me as it means that she will only be good with the dishes she knows. I feel bad for Josh. But as I have said from my post last week, it was really too close to call between the two of them. Both of them deserve it. Christine’s pork belly dish looks really delicious. Not too crazy with her papaya salad though. So congratulations Christine! Good for you that you did not allow your handicap deter you from pursuing your dreams.

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