Android Summer Edition Collectible

Look what came in the mail today, the Android Mini Collectible Summer Edition! The set was created by awesome toymaker Andrew Bell for a limited release during this Summer’s San Diego Comic Con. It sold out at the convention, but it was made available at authorized resellers of Andrew Bell’s creation. I got mine from Fugitive Toys.

The set features two Android figurines. The red-shirt guy is suppose to represent your usual conventionĀ  attendee. The little guy wears a red Star Trek uniform and even has a lanyard. The red shirt has a bit of inside humor as the red shirt crew member (Security) always gets killed in episodes of the Original Series. The other figurine has a Summer vibe going. He is wearing a red beach short with an apron and grilling burgers.

I created a short movie of my unboxing of the figurine set. I used my Galaxy Note as my camera and Windows Movie Maker for editing. Enjoy!


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