8-Ball Hustler

8-ball Hustler

8-ball Hustler

When I ordered the Android Summer Collectible Edition last month, I also included a pre-order of 1 blind boxed Android Series 03 Collection.

The Series 03 Collection features 16 new designs from Andrew Bell and other toy designers like Gary Ham, Huck Gee, and Scott Tolleson.

The figurine I got from the blind box is a Sket One creation named 8-Ball Hustler. It has a glossy black color with a big white circle with the number 8 on its chest, hence the name. The glossy color of the figurine is a first for me. All my previous Android figurines are matte. I like the glossy black color and it makes sense in terms of the design’s theme. The little guy wears a removable brown hat that attaches to the head using the left antenna. Since the antenna is part of the hat instead of the head, it looks weird without the hat as 8-Ball will only have the right antenna and a small hole on the left side of its head. It would have been cool if they designed the hat in a way that it anchors to the antenna so you can put it on the left or the right. 8-Ball holds a removable pool cue on its right hand completes the billiards-inspired theme of the figurine.

8-ball Hustler with Vampire Power Droid

8-ball Hustler with Vampire Power Droid

With regards to figure articulation, the arms of all Series 03 figurines can now move sideways, instead of just up and down. This was accomplished by using a ball joint design to connect the arms to the body. It does not really move that much, but it is still pretty cool.

This is the first time I got a figurine that was not created by Andrew Bell, and I don’t know anything about Sket One. A search of his name on Google turns up his website. Sket One is a Los Angeles-based toy designer who started out as a graffiti artist. According to his website, “Sket One displays a passion for uniting distinct components of pop culture into pieces of art that are startlingly cohesive and original”.

Series 03 was released September 27th of this year and Dead Zebra, the Official Store of Andrew Bell’s creations, is already sold out of the individual blind boxed Series 03. Luckily, other authorized resellers still have plenty of stock. Try to avoid getting them at other online stores as fake and inferior copies abound. But if you want to own your own 8-Ball Hustler or any of the cool designs of Series 03, you better hurry up and order soon. This vinyl miniatures don’t last long in stock and are on a limited run.

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  1. Marius says:

    I also got the 8-Ball hustler, but im missing the pool cue. Interestingly when I shake the figure, it sounds as if something is inside the figure. The cue maybe?
    Is there something iside your figure as well? Id doesn’t seem that it’s supposed to be opened.

    Thanks for you answer.

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