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Star Trek premiered on NBC in 1966 as a live-action science fiction TV series in what its creator, Gene Roddenberry, described as “wagon train to the stars.” The show is about the officers and crew of the starship Enterprise lead by its captain, James Kirk, with his half-Vulcan officer, Spock and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. McCoy as they travel in the galaxies boldly going where no man has gone before. The show aired for three years and after 79 episodes, it got cancelled. However, re-runs were being shown in syndication and it continued to attract viewers with its utopian view of human society and the allegorical social commentaries embedded in its stories. As it popularity grows, Star Trek would morphed into an American cultural phenomenon adding 4 live-action television series and 10 feature films. All TV series are still being shown up to today and it has also spawned a wealth of other materials from the 70’s animated series, to books, comics, computer and online games, collectibles, and computer artwork. Devoted fans have also engaged in creating their own stories, discussing news, facts, and rumors on online boards, and attending Star Trek conventions just to meet the actors from the different shows. Because of the enormous amount of material on the Star Trek franchise, the author felt that a list of online resources on Star Trek would be useful.

Thus born, Star Trek Resources, a custom search engine that sits on a compilation of websites and pages of anything Star Trek, from episode guides, to actor information, to aliens and ships design, to books, DVDs, and games, to news and rumors about the forthcoming movie, Star Trek XI in May 2009. It is the author’s hope that this CSE would help the veteran fan or the newly inducted trekker to be able to search anything and everything Star Trek.

This Google search engine was a project submitted to my LIBR 202 class, fall 2008.

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